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Tanzania is such a big country, covering 945,203sqkms (364,945sqmiles) and there is so much to offer and to be discovered.  We therefore wanted to put together some other recommended options outside of main fixed itineraries for Safari/Trekking and Beaches. These can be 'added on' to your main trip and you may find they add a real highlight of their own!  There are some other hiking options that can be done over fewer days than Mt Kilimanjaro and involve less travelling and more interaction with people, culture and the way of life. In terms of 'strenuous activity', you should also find these to be a much easier pace!

Arusha Town really is a centrepoint for tourism in Tanzania. From here you can take part in varied activities. There are day walks to the lower slopes of Mount Meru (Kilimanjaro's 'younger sister'!) which brings you closer to local people of Arusha, including their farm land around the mountain's base.  Waterfalls are also a wonderful way of refreshing mind and body and you can visit Sapuk Waterfalls from Arusha.  During this walk you will pass by local villages and be able to see incredible views over Arusha town.

Tanzania Arusha Sapuk Water Falls   Tanzania Arusha Day Walk Tour To Sapuk

Moshi Town, the "host" of Mt Kilimanjaro, offers a few different walks which Original Tanzania can organise for you for if you have a spare couple of days between itineraries or just as extra time before your return home. We can arrange for a day hike, via Marangu Route, up to the first camp on Mt Kilimanjaro at 3000m. This allows some people, who know they don't wish to summit the mountain, to 'get up close'.  Marangu Waterfalls is another option we can recommend for a day hike and you can also bring along swimwear if you like. 

An alternative for those looking for a little more relaxation, rather than donning the walking boots again, are the hot springs (Maji Moto).  This really is a great experience that takes you out of the town and requires little effort! Here you can enjoy relaxing in warming temperatures in stunning surroundings to rest your body.  This can be a day trip or overnight camping for 1/2 days and our staff will prepare a special outdoor Bar-B-Q while you swim. 

Tanzania Usambara Mountains Kilimanjaro Day Trip

The Usambara Mountains are situated in the north east of Tanzania and is where you can do some hiking in yet another different climate. This can be done over a day, up to 3/4 days if you wish to spend more time within the villages and learning about the history. There really is much to learn and experience around Usambara from the people and culture to the history of this rich soil which offers lots of farming from different crops to fruits. Lushoto Village, situated at Usambara Mountains, to Mtae Village, is a lovely three to four days walk which will take you through villages, cornfields and in direct contact with local people. Indigenous forestry surrounds you and the views are immense, accumulating in Irente viewpoint. A trip to Irente Farm gives you the chance to buy locally produced organic foods such as jams, the best fresh bread and Lushoto Mozzerella Cheese! It really is a treat for the taste buds and unique in its surroundings! During your time here you will really feel part of normal daily life.

Lunch Irente Farm at lushoto Usambara Mountains Irente View Point at Usambara Mountains Lushoto

We hope you find time to add one or two of these options to your experience in Tanzania.  You will find them as summarised 'drop down' options on the Booking Form under "Original Extras".

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